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Morocco has emerged as a prominent player in the raspberry export market, with its shipments to the European Union witnessing remarkable growth of 400% in the last five years.

In 2018 alone, Morocco exported a substantial total of 21,761 tonnes of raspberries to the EU. This impressive achievement highlights Morocco’s position as one of the leading producers and exporters of this delectable fruit.

Notably, Moroccan raspberries find their way to 41 countries globally, attesting to the country’s widespread presence in the international raspberry trade.

In Morocco, raspberry harvesting takes place from October to June.

The predominant raspberry variety cultivated is Driscoll. Harvesting is meticulously carried out by hand to ensure the utmost care for the delicate fruit. For extended storage, raspberries are frozen immediately after harvest, maintaining their freshness.

To preserve their flavor and quality, the raspberries remain unwashed during the freezing process. They are thoughtfully packaged in transparent plastic punnets of 250g and 500g, designed for convenient storage and consumption.

These frozen raspberries are then efficiently transported by air, ensuring they reach consumers with their exceptional taste and nutritional value intact.

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    Moroccan Raspberries

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    From October

  • Production

    300 000 T

  • Exported

    58 880 T

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Raspberries display versatility in their growth, flourishing both in shaded and sunny environments.

They thrive in well-drained soils, showing resilience in sandy as well as clay-based soils.

Optimal climatic conditions for raspberry cultivation entail cool summers and mild winters, while a preference is observed for hot and sunny climates. Adequate moisture remains crucial to support their growth and development.

Whether it’s under the warmth of the sun or in the shelter of shades, raspberries exhibit adaptability, provided they receive the right balance of moisture and favorable climatic conditions.

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