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"Strawberry Fields Forever..."

Morocco's lush landscapes offer the perfect sanctuary for these succulent berries to flourish.

The regions of Kenitra, Larache, and the coastal plains near Agadir are renowned for their fertile soils and mild climate, providing an idyllic environment for cultivating a variety of strawberry types.

Handpicked at the peak of ripeness, these strawberries arrive at your doorstep with an irresistible freshness that speaks of the Moroccan countryside’s bounty.

At the heart of our strawberry treasure trove lies a captivating diversity of varieties.

Moroccan growers passionately cultivate well-known varieties like the vibrant-red Festival, the aromatic Sweet Charlie, and the charmingly sweet Camarosa. Additionally, the exquisite Albion and the juicy Sabrina have found their home in Morocco’s fertile grounds.

Additionally, the exquisite Albion and the juicy Sabrina have found their home in Morocco’s fertile grounds.

Savor the charm of diverse varieties, embrace the richness of the terroir, and allow your customers to relish the essence of Morocco’s finest strawberries.

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    Moroccan Strawberries

  • Peak Season

    From January

  • Production

    167 000 T

  • Exported

    22 400 T

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Through efficient air and sea freight options, we deliver the strawberries with unwavering freshness, preserving their mouthwatering taste and vibrant appearance.

At Rika, we understand the importance of simplicity and efficiency in the importation process, and we are dedicated to making it easy for potential importers from around the world to access the delectable Moroccan strawberries.

And thanks to years of experience in the international food trade, Rika has cultivated strong partnerships with trusted Moroccan growers across the country’s strawberry havens.

By leveraging this network, we offer a diverse selection of premium strawberry varieties that cater to various market preferences.

Join Rika’s and let us handle the complexities of importation while you savor the simplicity of delivering exquisite Moroccan strawberries to your markets and customers.

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